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Large Vivid Colored Catalina Macaw Babies For Sale1-baby leftWe utilized the absolute largest specimen breeding stock available to produce this hybrid. Using the Central American Scarlet(Ara macao cyanoptera) the largest ever seen by most breeders having vivid colors with large wide yellow wing banding bred with a Blue & Gold Macaw(Ara ararauna). The proof is in the size.  Taking deposits/reservations now. Most all our birds are sold off waiting list and shipping is available. We believe our Catalina Macaws are some of the largest and best colored on the market today.Why we are different? We do not buy babies from many different breeders and raise together to resell. Our babies come from a closed aviary since xxxx, that means the we do not buy, trade babies and or adult birds. We have not introduced any new birds into our flock since xxxx. We do not sell at Bird Fairs and or Trade Shows. This assures that you the buyer is getting top quality babies that has not been exposed to sickness and or disease. You and your new baby deserve absolutely the best and you should demand these standards before you buy.All babies are socialized in a family atmosphere.We also have Rare Gentle Giant Verdi Macaws and Blue & Gold Macaws.Feel free to contact us at ParrotDaddy on the web.(Please note; due to internet scams we will only respond from web form on our home site listed above and or by phone. Also we do not sell adult birds and or ship out of the USA)